Captain William Clarke Quantrill Kansas and the Border Wars

n August 13th, 1863, Federal Authorities murdered nine Confederate women in Kansas City, MO. These women included a sister of Captain Bill Anderson, two sisters of Sgt. McCorkle, and 6 others. The collapse of the makeshift prison in which they were held killed them. The floor supports, which led to the building collapsing, had been removed by the Union guards assigned to the prison and used for fuel. This incident led directly to the capture of Lawrence, KS by the Confederate forces of Capt. Wm C. Quantrill and his Cavalry on August 21, 1863.

… on  Saturday, August 13, the Sons of Confederate Veterans paid their respects with a visit and left flowers at the site of the collapse of the building where these women died. It is located at 14th and Grand in Kansas City. Currently there is a UMB bank located on the site. Now the new Sprint Center is there.

 The Longhorn Store and Tavern located on the site of 1409 Grand Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri.

On the day of Kansas Division Commander Walthall's visit, the site was a "big muddy hole," fenced off and the gate is locked.







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